Aldi Adds More Fresh, Organic Products Including Kombucha and Gluten-Free Bagels

Published 08-08-2018

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Aldi supermarkets are going to get a whole lot fresher. The supermarket chain is bringing more fresh, organic, and easy-to-prepare options to its over 1,800 stores across the country as part of its accelerated growth plan. The supermarket chain has invested more than $5 billion into remodeling and expanding its stores as well as bringing the store count to 2,500 by the end of 2022. An integral part of the expansion is bringing healthy, fresh, and convenient products to customers.

According to an Aldi press release, the supermarket chain's new offerings will include private-label products such as trendy health drink kombucha, veggie noodles, organic meats, kale and quinoa crunch burgers, and gluten-free bagels and bakery options. The store will be expanding its produce selection and including more organic items. Aldi also plans on increasing its refrigerated grab-and-go offerings with single-serving guacamole, hummus, fruit, and veggie snack packs, as well as providing more milk alternatives. The new product rollout is expected to continue through 2019.

Food marketing expert and consumerologist Phil Lempert of told The Daily Meal that he thinks Aldi is adapting to keep up with young customers who are looking for quality fresh and organic options. "Produce is growing twice as fast as any other category in [Aldi]," Lempert said.

"They're expanding to go after millennials, more Generation Z who are brand agnostic, who don't see any difference between national brands and store brands, and really are looking for great value with high quality products."

Aldi is already a millennial favorite for its award-winning $8 rosé and budget-friendly Halo Top ice cream dupes. Want to learn more? Here are some things we bet you didn't know about Aldi.

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