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The Grand Street Theatre presents the first Tuesday in June to celebrate summer. Visit various park locations in downtown Helena and enjoy a variety of music, food and fun activities for children and adults.

What makes this event even better is that the Helena Montana Women's Triathlon takes place the next day, so check out one of these events. The Bike Helena Shuttle Fest is offered daily from 14 to 15 and 16 August, and when you are in Helena it is time for a bike ride on the trails in and around Helena and the trails in the area.

M Mondays at Myrna's will prove to be a great series to enjoy this summer with a variety of music by local and national artists from across the country and around the world.

I can't wait to hang out in downtown Helena's Women's Park and enjoy the Mount Helena Music Festival again. I made it to number three for a few reasons, but what I love most is seeing the noise that is being made around this Helena landmark. This is my # 1 event selection for the summer in Helena, and I will add some parties and others with Montana - made beer. Check out the rankings below and comment on your top Helena Summer events.

Enjoy a picnic, listen to the Helena Symphony and watch the sunset under a great Montana sky. Enjoy a barbecue, picnic and listen to the sounds of the Montana Music Festival while listening to Helena's symphony.

Did you know that the Helena Symphony was founded in 1955 and is one of the most important symphonies in Montana and the Northwest? Two major musical institutions in the classical field are the Great Falls Symphony Orchestra, founded in 1958, and the Bozeman Symphony Orchestra, founded in 1963. The state also has the Montana Music Festival, the first of its kind in the United States. With 2 montages in Myrna you broaden your horizons, make your list and have a look!

The Decemberists are a band from Montana named after the small town of Tarkio in Mineral County. Other popular musicians in Montana include the University of Montana, which is attended by many of the state's best musicians, including the Montana Symphony Orchestra and the Bozeman Symphony. Among the most famous bands are Helenas Missoula Skoidats, who have recorded several albums as well as a number of solo albums. The Decemberist is Montana's most popular rock'n "roll band and one of their most successful.

John Mayer visited Bozeman and fell in love with him, buying a house and settling in the spring of 2012. Montana is the 41st state to enter the United States and is home to the University of Montana, Montana State University and the Montana Symphony Orchestra. It has a culturally diverse population, represented by a variety of ethnic groups, from Native Americans, Native Americans, African Americans and Latinos to Asians and African Americans. It has one of the highest levels of education and access to health care in all states in America.

Let's face it, a top 11 list doesn't sound cooler than the top 10 list, so that's a solid choice for 7 1 / 2, right?

Randy Rhoads is a country singer who was born in Wolf Point, Montana and has lived in Montana for over 20 years. He recorded Blue Ridge records and performed on TNNNs in Nashville. Beautiful Montana Skies is sung by Montana native Blake Lautner, a Montana State University student, and the video was shot in and around Montana. The show has grown and improved over the years and we can't wait to see what's next!

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