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The Helena, Montana GeoTour, recently selected by Rand McNally as the best geocache location in the United States, showcases everything Helena has to offer and brings high-tech treasure hunters to 38 truly unique destinations in and around the city of Lewis and Clark County. Located at the foot of the Montana Rockies, this bustling capital of Helena offers a variety of museums, galleries, restaurants, hotels, parks and more. Helena offers a great mix of history, culture, art, food, hiking, fishing, camping and hiking. If you are in Helena for a few days and are looking for something to do in transit, here are some of my favorite things I did in Helena Montana.

The Helena Visitor Centre, which can give you some information on what to see and do in the city, is also here.

The museum is accredited by the American Association of Museums, and the Montana Museum collects and interprets the history of Montana and its adjacent geographical regions. In addition to preserving Montana's history, the museum offers many courses, conferences and workshops and offers a wide range of educational programs for students, faculty, staff and visitors. The museum program is a joint effort between the Helena Museum and Montana State University to gather information about Montana's past, present and future history and cultural heritage.

The museum, dedicated to everything Montana has to offer, displays ethnographic objects, photographs and works of art that highlight the rich history, heritage and culture of the state.

The Montana Homeland exhibition features interesting objects that trace all phases of Montana's history, while the museum's Mackay Gallery of Russell Art houses a collection of illustrated letters from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. You will find an illustrated letter that does a great job explaining the history of the state and its people. The museum displays contemporary artworks by Montana artists, and you can check out the Montana Museum of Contemporary Art for the latest Montana-based art.

If you love art, especially ceramics, then you should visit Brays during your time in Helena. If you visit the Helena National Forest, you should not miss the Last Chance Ranch.

This museum was one of the first to exhibit dinosaurs in Montana, and you can learn some fascinating details at the Montana Museum of Railroad History, located in the historic city of Helena, just a few miles south of downtown Helena. This would be a great place for anyone who wants to learn more about rail families during their Montana vacation.

Today, Helena is the capital of the state of Montana and has a number of well-preserved historical and tourist attractions. The Helena State Capitol Building is on a par with all the others I have visited. Helena is a great place to study a little social studies and visit the Montana Museum of Social Studies during your vacation.

The museum is very inexpensive to visit and offers a variety of exhibits on the history of the state of Montana and its history as a city.

For a scenic ride in summer or early fall, take Montana Route 279 to Helena and enjoy a two-hour boat ride down the Missouri River and enjoy some of Montana's most scenic landscapes. One hour south of Cardwell is Montana State Park, home to Yellowstone National Park. The Gates to the Mountains takes visitors into the wilderness to admire the most majestic scenery and wildlife Lewis and Clark could have observed during their 1805 expedition. Your guide is an experienced guide with extensive knowledge of local history, geography and history in general.

The Montana Historical Society runs the Montana Museum (montanahistoricalsociety.org), which has more than 50,000 objects celebrating the heritage of our state. The Historical Museum interprets the Alien Interention Center, which housed over 2000 foreigners during World War II. It houses a Montana Homeland Gallery that outlines Montana's 11,500-year history. Archive material in museums in Montana recalls the history of this wonderful place we call home.

If you have any doubts, click here to find a link to our survey on the economic impact, and you will be amazed. Montana museums and heritage agencies are the driving force behind the growth of our state's tourism industry and Montana's economic growth.

Helena is a city that has a fun, small city feel that even the places will give you. Just an hour's drive south of Helena is the Montana Museum of Natural History, which makes for a wonderful day trip. View exhibits about the wildlife that inhabits our wild land, as well as a variety of exhibits about the history of Montana's wildlife.

First opened to the public in November 2007, this practical - on interactive science museum in Helena, Montana. As you might expect from the name, the museum interprets the history of Montana and its adjacent geographical regions, as well as the history of the state. The Exploration Works Museum, modeled after the National Park Service's Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C., was the first of its kind to be located inside the state Capitol, which is quite impressive. The Montana State Museum, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit that actively works to preserve Montana's natural and cultural heritage, natural resources and natural history, is also located just a few miles south of the Capitol in the city of Helena.

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