Helena Montana Events

The Grand Street Theatre presents the first Tuesday in June to celebrate summer. Visit various parks in downtown Helena for a day of fun, music, food and fun with friends, family and friends.

What makes this event even better is that it's time to be perfect, because the Helena Montana Women's Triathlon is the next day. The Bike Helena Shuttle Fest is held every day on August 14, 15 and 16, so check out one of these events and be in Helena! The hiking trails in the Helena area are open to the public for one day for hiking, cycling, camping and other outdoor activities.

M Mondays at Myrna's will prove to be a great series to enjoy this summer with live music, food, music and fun for all ages.

I made it to number three for a number of reasons, but what I love most is seeing the excitement that is created around this landmark. I can't wait to hang out in downtown Helena's Women's Park and enjoy the Mount Helena Music Festival again. This is my # 1 event selection for the summer in Helena, and I will add some parties and others with Montana - made beers. Check out the rankings below and comment on your top Helena Summer events.

Enjoy a picnic, listen to the Helena Symphony and watch the sunset in the great Montana sky. Enjoy a barbecue, picnic and listen to the concert while listening to Helena's symphony.

Lunch can be a bit boring at times, but love gives you the chance to get out of the Great Northern Town Center and enjoy the sun and the melodies. Last Chance Stampede and Fair is a great opportunity to get to the rodeo, see 4H animals, ride carnival classics and more. Make your list for 2 assembly in Myrna that widen your horizons and make it into this list.

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