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It's no surprise that Montana's capital is perfectly located at the intersection of two of the country's most popular tourist destinations: Yellowstone National Park and the Montana Museum of Natural History. It is no surprise that this is home to artists who have inspired generations, from Robert Rauschenberg to the greats of modern art. Visitors often choose to extend their stay in Helena to gain an insight into the emerging art scene and rich cultural heritage.

No visit to Helena would be complete without a stop at the Natural History Museum of Montana, one of the most popular museums in the country. If you are a first-time resident of Montana, you will not be disappointed.

The museum was opened in 1987 as a place where you can experience contemporary art from the center of Montana, and has grown dramatically. Early on, it offered an insight into the history of the surrounding ghost towns and the elementary emotions that can be found in human experience. The museum now houses more than 80 artists from all over Montana who specialize in Western and wildlife art. Many of Montana's famous cowboy artists and their works are on display, including a collection of illustrated letters from the state's most famous cowboys and cowgirls.

At 12, he fell in love with painting and copied animal pictures from publications such as National Wildlife Magazine. He has been copying animal paintings in publications for decades, including National Wildlife Magazine and the Montana State Museum.

After the American Chemet called, he worked for a mining company in Thompson Falls before returning to Helena. After coming out of retirement, Steve decided to build birdhouses in his spare time. His mural on Billings Avenue depicts the surrounding mountains in an extravagant rainbow of colors. Since the gold rush of the Last Chance Gulch died out about 100 years ago, new miners have flocked to Helena.

Graffiti artist Cole Kerby painted on the Helena Housing Authority in 2016, and his mural on Billings Avenue shows domed heads.

He was born in St. Louis, Missouri, but refused to study art in high school and went to Montana. When Montana joined the Union in 1889, it became the capital of its territory and the state itself. He looked back on his life as a young man in Montana and his decision to move west to Montana as one of the most important decisions of his adult life.

He was a millionaire and enjoyed everything the city had to offer, and his history and wealth can be seen in the history of the Montana State Capitol and the State Capitol Building in Helena. Other sights include the Cathedral of St. Helena, which was modeled after the Berlin Cathedral, one of the most famous churches in Germany, which has 59 stained glass windows from Germany, and a house with turrets of Queen Anne built in 1888.

There are the usual museum galleries, then the Archie Bray Foundation for Ceramic Arts and then the Clay Arts Guild opens its Christmas shop for a month in December. Another place to see Helena on a Saturday morning is provided by buskers with violins and guitars. One of the most popular places in Montana for art lovers, see Helena Saturday morning.

Known as the King City of the Rocky Mountains, Montana's capital has turned into a gold-mining city - the Last Chance Gulch. It was named after four miners who had been unsuccessfully searching for gold and decided that the creek bed would be a good place for them and their efforts (which fortunately paid off). When I was there in August I didn't know it, but it turned out to be 2012, so I'm pretty sure it's still open.

The trees and flowers that formed the band's sheaths for more than a decade were replaced by a collection of trees, flowers and other natural elements such as rocks and grass. Western hills, a magnificent manor house has been built and the walls of the beautiful house are decorated with art.

The Legislature commissioned Russell to create a mural of Montanans in the Capitol, and he was commissioned to paint the figures for the 1902 opening. Sand, now a state senator, said: "One of the most important parts of this mural is that it depicts Montana women.

Overall, the focus of the picture narrows to the natural environment of Montana and the portrait in which farm animals steal the show gives us a nice insight into life in the rural area of Montana. Open quotes from the site will take you into: "The opening quote on this website is:" I'm in love with Montana.

The mountain ranges that encompass Helena National Forest are full of limestone cliffs and almost all known rock art can be found at the mouth of the canyon. The sky is big, and in Montana the sky is as big as the mountains and as bright as the sky. Rock art can be found on the cliffs, as well as in a number of other places in and around Helena.

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